DropIt – A Shopify “Reverse” Auction Plugin

The “DropIt” project aimed to develop a Shopify auction plugin, introducing the innovative concept of a reverse auction. This unique approach initiated a product at a higher price, gradually decreasing it over a minute. The participant who placed a bid at a specific price first would secure the product. The development of this groundbreaking auction plugin involved leveraging the Rust programming language to enhance the system’s performance and reliability.


The premise of Labster sounds mind blowing: you can perform actual laboratory tests in virtual reality, remotely, for educational and research purposes. Rollout has been helping Labster with several senior backend, frontend engineers and automated, manual QA testers (altogether 11 IT professionals) in the past 12 months. In this post, we share some insights from this incredible experience.

Bringing the Next-level of User Experience for Canada-based Relate

Relate is a web platform based in Canada, still under development, that brings forward a new way of working with information. It is a mindmap solution being able to connect any kind of objects, including images, emails, browser links and visualization tools. It’s layered and it gives a very visual way of organizing things in space.
Their key challenge was going full web, to become truly global and platform-independent.
Rollout IT’s involvement: the Architecture
A Rollout IT developer and RUST enthusiast’s contribution is helping Relate to basically kind of ‘bypass’ the normal web.
We create a full system that draws things on screen where we want them to be, because what we build is not just like HTTP, it’s very different. So we redesign a full thing that runs in the web.

Evolving Virtual Labs for Denmark-based Labster

Our client’s platform is hosting 3D science simulations, which enhance university students’ learning outcomes. The platform allows engagement with the user through game-based elements that inspire them to explore science. They then apply their knowledge to solve a real-world problem within the context of a story. Inside the 3D environment of an immersive simulation, students can master curriculum-aligned theory, interact with advanced equipment, learn techniques and perform experiments.

Developing USA-based Strongnode’s Blockchain Infrastructure and Applications

Strongnode is an infrastructure-as-a-service provider specializing in offering infrastructure solutions for blockchain-based applications. One of their key offerings includes a decentralized storage solution.

The company’s innovative approach allows device owners to leverage their idle computing power by renting it out in exchange for SNE tokens. These tokens hold value as they can be utilized to purchase various goods and services or traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.
With Strongnode’s services, clients can efficiently deploy blockchain applications and utilize a decentralized storage system while also participating in a token-based economy that promotes efficiency and resource optimization.