Multisite cloud backend systems + Ad system

Enthusiast Gaming is one of the major content networks on the web.

EG is a NASDAQ company with the tagline ‘Gamers live here’, and rightly so, as they provide the key information platforms for a vast part of the whole video gaming community.

EG has their own complex ad placement system, where a bidding process decides which ads show up where on their many websites. Unlike traditional DSP-s, a supply-side platform (SSP), is used to coordinate and manage the supply and distribution of ad inventories. This is run by the owner, in this case, Enthusiast Gaming.

Rollout’s involvement:

A Rollout developer has been involved with EG for more than a year now, and he had been a member of the ad tech team until two months ago, developing the ATOM Dashboard, the advert management system further.

When talking about the biggest challenges of the project, he highlights what he calls ‘the ripple effects’. You tweak one thing: how does it affect the system as a whole? The infrastructure is robust and well supported by a strong and reliable cloud presence, but it offers the opportunity for him to grow further, especially in terms of DevOps. The current industry trend seems to be that developers are more and more involved in operation as well.

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