Erste NetBank

What is Erste Netbank?

Erste Netbank is a web platform to manage your personal daily banking including account management, card management, transfers, authorization of transfers, local and foreign currency transfers, etc...

Rollout’s involvement:

In 2018, Rollout IT senior developers joined the frontend team to speed up and increase the quality of the Angular web frontend application. By improving the development process, taking care of code reviews, and replacing the imperative code with a more functional/reactive approach we helped produce a bug-free and easy-to-maintain frontend solution on time!

We also improved the estimation processes, introduced a clear application state management and several clean-code practices.

Technology: SPA architecture with Angular, Redux, RxJS, Typescript

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Contact numbers:
USA: +1 (919) 4203 008
HU: +36 (30) 4768 347

USA: 88 Kearny St, Suite 2100 , San Francisco, California 94108, US.
HU: Szekesfehervar, 8000, Piac ter 1.