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< Introducing Zsolt

Learn about Zsolt, who already enjoys the freedom of remote employment for an international company.

< How we work?

Remote setting

Remote setting

We work from everywhere to anywhere. Of course there are client requests and meetings, but mostly it is you who can manage your own time. You can work from home, a coworking space or even the seaside. We 100% support reliable digital nomads.
Latest technologies

We use the latest technologies

As we are working on a lot of different products, you are going to have the opportunity to sharpen your tech skills as you wish. Some example of our tech stack: Typescript, Rust, Vue, React, Angular, NodeJS, Go, Laravel, ASP.Net, .NET Core, Java, Python (Flask, Django), ReactNative, Flutter, Kotlin, Swift and more!
Our projects

What about our projects?

Only international team setup
We match the tech to the project and not backward ;)
High load systems
Usually greenfield projects
Long-term cooperation with our partners

How about quality?

Welcoming but strict code review culture
Static code check is a must (e.g. SonarQube)
CI/CD pipelines, zero release and deployment overhead (Gitlab Pipelines or CircleCI)
Automation with Docker/Kubernetes

And the teams?

We follow Agile methods (Scrum, Kanban)
Everyone is a teamplayer. Really.
We respect you and your preferences
Supporting each other and working together
Efficiently can really make a project and the workflow so much better.
Growing together

Growing together

For us you are not a product or a robot.
You’re a human being with
Your excellent engineering skills.
We wanna make sure that you
Can improve and grow with us too.
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< Open positions

< Are we a fit?

< Who do we work with?

To be able to Introduce yourself, highlighting your skills and tell us (and others) about your previous projects and achievements is a key. As we have several international partners, expect to become part of a fast-moving, challenging and exciting team where the team members are motivating and pushing each other.

We’re constantly looking for engineers mainly from Eastern Europe. Fluent English and seniority is a must. We provide both European projects and also projects overseas. We partner up with companies who respect your own time zone and be flexible with the time zone differences.

< What forms of cooperation do we provide?

Please note that we can only have employees from Hungary. IT professionals from other countries can work with us as contractors signing a long-term Independent Contractor Agreement with us. (Both for Hungarians and other nations there is the contracting option with us of course).

< Why is it worth Joining Us?

Even if you’ve checked our Career Site and didn’t see any relevant job offers, do not worry!

Join us with a short registration, and whenever there is a position fitting you, we are going to give you a call!

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