Rolling out the dice with Cocos Creator

Gaming is a huge market in IT, and gambling games take up a massive part in the industry. This is a sector that is still rapidly growing. According to Statista, the current size of the market is almost 59 billion USD and is expected to hit 93 billion next year. These numbers are crazy, and it’s all going on in the mostly unreported corners of the Internet.


Skillbandit is a job board focusing on matching jobs to candidates based on both hard and soft skills. In addition, it has a unique soft skill test to evaluate the users’ professional behaviour patterns.

Developing USA-based Strongnode’s Blockchain Infrastructure and Applications

Strongnode is an infrastructure-as-a-service provider specializing in offering infrastructure solutions for blockchain-based applications. One of their key offerings includes a decentralized storage solution.

The company’s innovative approach allows device owners to leverage their idle computing power by renting it out in exchange for SNE tokens. These tokens hold value as they can be utilized to purchase various goods and services or traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.
With Strongnode’s services, clients can efficiently deploy blockchain applications and utilize a decentralized storage system while also participating in a token-based economy that promotes efficiency and resource optimization.