StrongNode — here’s how Rollout web developers are involved in the future of edge computing

Crypto, or as the people working on blockchain projects like to call it, ‘web3’, is probably one of the most exciting fields within IT right now.

So naturally, we are happy to see that two Rollout developers are working on the front-end of a new, blockchain-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service technology company, called StrongNode. This project enables us to keep close tabs on what’s going on with this interesting frontier.

The Metaverse is the next big tech opportunity — what developers need to know.

The metaverse is the next big thing in technology. Key stakeholders claim it will change the way we work, relax and socialize, and will allow users to fully immerse themselves in an online tailored experience.

This article will explore the metaverse as an opportunity for developers, identifying the key stakeholders, skills, and opportunities this new technology brings.

Rolling it out in 2021 — Remote scaling is the way to go?

Arriving at the final stages of 2021, we glance back now for a quick nod and a smile. We can only guess what a wild ride this must have been for you all, everyone involved in IT. Ours certainly has been interesting, to say the least. For starters, we’ve grown and scaled so much that we never imagined a year before. So, let’s take a look at where we are, what happened last year, and hopefully, we can draw some interesting conclusions about what’s going on in IT globally. Let’s pour some red, raise the glass, and proceed together, shall we?

How to kick off your international IT career — webinar

We all know that launching an international career for an IT professional has an enormous possibility. It is hard to imagine how much potential is there in the global market for developers, engineers, and product designers, but we’ll tell you in our first-ever global meetup aimed to gather the key players of the industry in the CEE region. At our online roundtable discussion, Balázs Németh and Mihai Parlog will guide us to the path of building a global IT career.

Why are engineering values important?

Professor Theodore Levitt shared the best quote about it:

“People don’t want a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch Hole.”

If you need a short answer, we’d say this:

Value engineering is modifying the process to increase the value. The value is the ratio between the benefits and the cost. With good value engineering, the main goal is to reduce the costs, while you keep or improve the quality. It starts before the product is designed.

Community building for developers

If you have a common interest with a group of people, building a community sounds like a reasonable idea. When it comes to the implementation, it’s definitely harder than it sounds. So, how to do it properly if you really want a community of developers? Let me show you the key things to consider.

Let’s think about the application store model

App Store? Google Play? Some of us had conflicts with them…

Even in June, this post would have been valid when the team of Basecamp clashed with Apple in connection with their new HEY Email application, however, now due to the “Fortnite conflict”, the topic has become even more relevant.