Rolling it out in 2021 — Remote scaling is the way to go?

Arriving at the final stages of 2021, we glance back now for a quick nod and a smile. We can only guess what a wild ride this must have been for you all, everyone involved in IT. Ours certainly has been interesting, to say the least. For starters, we’ve grown and scaled so much that we never imagined a year before. So, let’s take a look at where we are, what happened last year, and hopefully, we can draw some interesting conclusions about what’s going on in IT globally. Let’s pour some red, raise the glass, and proceed together, shall we?

RUST programming language Part 2 — Full video

We continue with our RUST lesson with Dávid Bíró! He said he could talk a lot more about it, so we’ll dig deeper, double up on RUST with Rollout IT! ️ Our topics for this event: Macros Trait system Threading If you missed the first video check it here: https://medium.com/runios-it-blog/experience-from-first-hand-rust-programming-language-full-webinar-video-inside-fce6e28b6669