A whole new level of remote science education: Rollout helps the Labster dream come alive

The premise of Labster sounds mind blowing: you can perform actual laboratory tests in virtual reality, remotely, for educational and research purposes. Rollout has been helping Labster with several senior backend, frontend engineers and automated, manual QA testers (altogether 11 IT professionals) in the past 12 months. In this post, we share some insights from this incredible experience.

RUST programming language Part 2 — Full video

We continue with our RUST lesson with Dávid Bíró! He said he could talk a lot more about it, so we’ll dig deeper, double up on RUST with Rollout IT! ️ Our topics for this event: Macros Trait system Threading If you missed the first video check it here: https://medium.com/runios-it-blog/experience-from-first-hand-rust-programming-language-full-webinar-video-inside-fce6e28b6669