Harnessing Rust’s Power in the No-Code/Low-Code and Healthcare Revolution

In software development two big things are shaking things up: no-code/low-code tools and the shift to digital healthcare. As companies aim to innovate quickly while ensuring reliability and security, Rust programming stands out as a key technology. This article explains how Rust helps developers and CTOs deal with these trends using technical knowledge, strategic insight, and a touch of friendliness.

Rust Development: The Future of Safe and Fast Software

In the ever-evolving landscape of programming languages, Rust has emerged as a beacon of hope for developers seeking the perfect blend of speed and safety. Initially released in 2010 by Mozilla, Rust has steadily climbed the ranks of popularity, earning the title of “most loved programming language” in Stack Overflow’s developer survey for several consecutive years. But what makes Rust so special, and why is it being heralded as the future of safe and fast software development?

RUST programming language Part 2 — Full video

We continue with our RUST lesson with Dávid Bíró! He said he could talk a lot more about it, so we’ll dig deeper, double up on RUST with Rollout IT! ️ Our topics for this event: Macros Trait system Threading If you missed the first video check it here: https://medium.com/runios-it-blog/experience-from-first-hand-rust-programming-language-full-webinar-video-inside-fce6e28b6669

DropIt – A Shopify “Reverse” Auction Plugin

The “DropIt” project aimed to develop a Shopify auction plugin, introducing the innovative concept of a reverse auction. This unique approach initiated a product at a higher price, gradually decreasing it over a minute. The participant who placed a bid at a specific price first would secure the product. The development of this groundbreaking auction plugin involved leveraging the Rust programming language to enhance the system’s performance and reliability.

Bringing the Next-level of User Experience for Canada-based Relate

Relate is a web platform based in Canada, still under development, that brings forward a new way of working with information. It is a mindmap solution being able to connect any kind of objects, including images, emails, browser links and visualization tools. It’s layered and it gives a very visual way of organizing things in space.
Their key challenge was going full web, to become truly global and platform-independent.
Rollout IT’s involvement: the Architecture
A Rollout IT developer and RUST enthusiast’s contribution is helping Relate to basically kind of ‘bypass’ the normal web.
We create a full system that draws things on screen where we want them to be, because what we build is not just like HTTP, it’s very different. So we redesign a full thing that runs in the web.

Developing USA-based Strongnode’s Blockchain Infrastructure and Applications

Strongnode is an infrastructure-as-a-service provider specializing in offering infrastructure solutions for blockchain-based applications. One of their key offerings includes a decentralized storage solution.

The company’s innovative approach allows device owners to leverage their idle computing power by renting it out in exchange for SNE tokens. These tokens hold value as they can be utilized to purchase various goods and services or traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.
With Strongnode’s services, clients can efficiently deploy blockchain applications and utilize a decentralized storage system while also participating in a token-based economy that promotes efficiency and resource optimization.