What is StrongNode?

Strongnode is an infrastructure-as-a-service provider specializing in offering infrastructure solutions for blockchain-based applications. One of their key offerings includes a decentralized storage solution.

The company’s innovative approach allows device owners to leverage their idle computing power by renting it out in exchange for SNE tokens. These tokens hold value as they can be utilized to purchase various goods and services or traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.
With Strongnode’s services, clients can efficiently deploy blockchain applications and utilize a decentralized storage system while also participating in a token-based economy that promotes efficiency and resource optimization.

Our role in the project

We played a vital role in the development of Strongnode’s infrastructure and applications. The project involved a team consisting of one tech lead and two full-stack JavaScript developers. Among the developers, Dávid was actively engaged in two projects, and below is a brief summary of their contributions.

  • Admin Panel Development: We worked on creating an efficient admin panel. They focused on improving code quality and adhering to best practices. The developers employed React and styled-components along with MaterialUI to develop reusable components, enhancing the overall user experience and interface.
  • Backend API Development: The team also took charge of developing the backend API using Node.js and Express.js. This allowed seamless communication between the frontend and backend, ensuring smooth data flow and interactions.
  • OGL Game Dashboard: A significant part of the project was dedicated to building the OGL Game Dashboard. This dashboard utilized technologies such as React, Node.js, Nest.JS, and Web3 integration using TypeScript, GraphQL enabling a streamlined experience for users interacting with blockchain-based games. Wallet integration facilitated secure transactions and asset management.
  • Database Design and REST API Development: Rollout IT’s expertise extended to designing the database architecture, ensuring efficient storage and retrieval of data. They also created REST APIs to enable communication between the various components of the application.
  • Strongnode Dashboard Application: The team was actively involved in crafting the end-user Strongnode Dashboard application. This application was divided into three parts – DeFi Dashboard, NTF Dashboard, and UserProfile. Each section served a specific purpose and catered to the needs of different users.
  • KYC Identity Verification: We implemented KYC (Know Your Customer) identity verification to authenticate and validate the identities of clients. This additional layer of security ensured that only legitimate users could access and utilize the platform’s features, written in Rust, TS, Nodejs on top of AWS services.

Overall, Rollout IT’s efforts were instrumental in shaping the success of Strongnode’s platform, providing a reliable and user-friendly environment for blockchain enthusiasts and DeFi participants.

Technologies: Rust, Typescript, JavaScript, ReactJS Node/Nest.JS, express js, web3, Wallet, blockchain, Sequelize, MySQL, AWS

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