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Digital product development, on-demand talent platform

Rollout IT is a digital product development company as well as an exclusive developers' network. We partner up with companies to build something amazing we scale up your team with real seniors for short or long-term projects. We have software developers, project managers, QA testers and product designers available to start working with you now.

We are a “remote first” company with talents mostly from Europe/East-Europe/USA.

We are well-suited to small, agile projects for lean and start up businesses as well as to extend a team of an enterprise with 100% senior developers with fluent english.

What we do

Product Definition

Product Definition

We help you map and select the right features so that your product serves both user and business needs.
Tools we prefer: Miro Mindmap, Trello, FlowMap
Product Definition

UI/UX Design

Great products are designed around users. From ideation to prototyping and design, we've got you covered.
Tools we prefer: Figma, Webflow, Balsamiq
Product Definition


What we love: Full-stack web and mobile development with the hint of data-science and data-engineering.
Tech we prefer: NodeJS, Python, Javascript, Angular, React, Next, AWS, ReactNative
Product Definition


Doing weekly Q&A reviews, testing architecture development and evolution, manual processes and continuous integration systems for automated build and testing processes. Provide builds periodically to keep the progress transparent, gather the feedback for all sprints and release.
Tools we prefer: GitLab, CircleCI, SoapUI, Sentry, CloudWatch, Alarms
Product Definition


We ensure compatibility with further platform versions, provide bug fixes, analyze user feedback and analytics data, and provide both technical and product oriented consultation and support.
Words we prefer: Kanban, Monitoring, CloudWatch, GitLab, Test Reports
Product Definition


Hire flexible, on-demand remote UI/UX Designers, Software Developers, Project Managers and QA Engineers to help you manage dynamic workloads and new projects.
Words we prefer: agile, retrospective, roadmap, long-term, remote, challenging
So, if you're looking to hire top-notch Rust developers, Rollout IT can help you find the right talent.
Product Development
Developer Outstaffing

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Contact numbers:
USA: +1 (919) 4203 008
HU: +36 (30) 4768 347

USA: 88 Kearny St, Suite 2100 , San Francisco, California 94108, US.
HU: Szekesfehervar, 8000, Piac ter 1.