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Rollout IT is a digital product development company as well as an exclusive developers’ network. Our staff augmentation solution in Hungary provides you with the necessary expertise to scale your teams effectively. We partner up with companies to build something amazing we scale up your team with real seniors for short or long-term projects. We have software developers, project managers, QA testers and product designers available to start working with you now.

We are a “remote first” company with talents mostly from Europe/East-Europe/USA.

We are well-suited to small, agile projects for lean and start up businesses as well as to extend a team of an enterprise with 100% senior developers with fluent english.

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Software Development

Rollout IT

Staff augmentation

Let us handle your project team with our staff augmentation solution in Hungary. Avoid the hassle of finding and keeping developers. With Rollout IT, you get a dedicated team, full control, and ownership of the IP, product, and code from the start. Partner with us for a seamless experience.

Rollout IT

Development outsource

Partner with Rollout IT for your IT development needs. Let it be a project from scratch or code takeover, here at Rollout IT we help you rolling out your application or solution while ensuring top-notch quality every step of the way.

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Extensive experience gained from diverse projects worldwide, including collaborations on projects spanning the US, UAE, EU, and Hong Kong.

Industry Embedded

We aren't just an IT outsourcing agency; we're active in the IT sector with our own software development projects. This means we bring both technical expertise and a deep understanding of business to the table. We can assist you with technical and business assessments, providing you with well-rounded solutions.​

Authentic Partnership

We're committed to establishing a genuine partnership. We take the time to understand you and your company's unique needs, ensuring a seamless match with the perfect professionals.

Quality Focus

We take pride in code quality, so we prioritize outstanding attention to detail, continuous testing, and optimization to ensure that our client’s project exceeds industry standards and delivers exceptional results.

Win Win Situations

With our empathetic and success-oriented approach, our goal is to maximize the potential of your project, ensuring that it fulfills your objectives to the fullest extent possible, while we are also happy to work with you! 🙂

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Our success stories

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Rollout IT

Learning System for a VR platform

Labster is a Danish Education Technology startup. They are building a platform, that is hosting 3D science simulations to enhance university students’ learning outcomes. The platform allows engagement with the user through game-based elements that inspire them to explore science.

Digital Banking System

Our partner is a new and unified bank that launched in 2023 by the merger of several large Hungarian bank branches. The aim of the emerging large bank is to be the most modern bank in Hungary, which will introduce flexible, internationally leading digital solutions.

Rollout IT
Rollout IT

Algorithmic Trading Platform

Ticker Bell, an algorithmic trading platform, marks a significant milestone in the realm of trading technology. Addressing the complexities faced by novice traders in algorithm development and the lack of trustworthy educational resources, Ticker Bell stands out as a pioneering solution.

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