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The "DropIt" project aimed to develop a Shopify auction plugin, introducing the innovative concept of a reverse auction. This unique approach initiated a product at a higher price, gradually decreasing it over a minute. The participant who placed a bid at a specific price first would secure the product. The development of this groundbreaking auction plugin involved leveraging the Rust programming language to enhance the system's performance and reliability.
Rolling out the dice with Cocos Creator Gaming is a huge market in IT, and gambling games take up a massive part in the industry. This is a sector that is still rapidly growing. According to Statista, the current size of the market is almost 59 billion USD and is expected to hit 93 billion next year. These numbers are crazy, and it’s all going on in the mostly unreported corners of the Internet.
Enthusiast Gaming is one of the major content networks on the web. EG is a NASDAQ company with the tagline ‘Gamers live here’, and rightly so, as they provide the key information platforms for a vast part of the whole video gaming community. EG has their own complex ad placement system, where a bidding process decides which ads show up where on their many websites. Unlike traditional DSP-s, a supply-side platform (SSP), is used to coordinate and manage the supply and distribution of ad inventories. This is run by the owner, in this case, Enthusiast Gaming.
What is Erste Netbank? Erste Netbank is a web platform to manage your personal daily banking including account management, card management, transfers, authorization of transfers, local and foreign currency transfers, etc...
We dedicated the following team for our Enterprise banking partner: -3 senior NestJS/NodeJS backend developers experienced with microservice architecture -1 senior Project Manager -2 Product Owners -1 devOps engineer
Skillbandit is a job board focusing on matching jobs to candidates based on both hard and soft skills. In addition, it has a unique soft skill test to evaluate the users' professional behaviour patterns.
The premise of Labster sounds mind blowing: you can perform actual laboratory tests in virtual reality, remotely, for educational and research purposes. Rollout has been helping Labster with several senior backend, frontend engineers and automated, manual QA testers (altogether 11 IT professionals) in the past 12 months. In this post, we share some insights from this incredible experience.
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