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When is Staff Augmentation the right option?

  • When you need to scale rapidly, time is of the essence, and you need to onboard professionals swiftly to meet project demands.
  • If recruiting costs are excessive or your team lacks recruiting capacity, you call for a more cost-efficient and streamlined solution.
  • In uncertain times, hiring permanent staff might be challenging or unwise, and you need the flexibility to meet your short-term resource requirements.
  • When specific, niche expertise is required for a longer or limited time, and you must have the right skills without the complexities of full-time hiring.
  • If higher costs in your region are impacting your budget, but you still want access to global talents at a more competitive rate, consider making your investments more efficient.


Our Approach

At Rollout IT, we partner up with companies to scale up your team with real seniors guaranteeing the achievement of outstanding results.

Our team comprises professionals who are fluent in English and have worked in international settings. Their experience in cross-border collaboration ensures a global perspective on your projects.

We offer a flexible staffing solution, adapting to your specific needs at every stage of your growth. No rigid commitments, just the right developers for your project.

We have proven our exceptional professionalism and adaptability in various international project requirements. Our reliability is guaranteed by the senior developers from our talent pool.

Beyond mainstream technologies, our team boasts expertise in unconventional languages like Rust and Go, backed by a track record of more than five projects.

We firmly believe that communication is paramount, even within the technical realm. Our team excels in the art of effective communication, ensuring that your projects flow seamlessly.

Long before the era of remote work brought about by COVID, we were already seasoned experts in this domain. Our remote culture thrives on effective communication and collaboration, ensuring that distance is no barrier to productivity.

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Our Services


Unlock the full potential of your projects with our elite full-stack development team. Our expertise in front-end, back-end, design, tech product ownership, working in scrum, coupled with our ability to tackle complex challenges, sets us apart from the competition.

From crafting stunning user interfaces to building highly-scalable, secure back-end systems, we have the skills and experience to turn your ideas into reality. Trust us to take your business to new heights with cutting-edge solutions tailored to your specific needs. Let’s build the future together!


Stop struggling to build the perfect team for your next project and let us handle it for you with our staff augmentation solution. We understand that finding and retaining the right developers for your project can be a time-consuming and costly process. Say goodbye to developer turnover and hello to uninterrupted productivity with Rollout IT.

Our staff augmentation service allows you to have full control over our provided team, with developers dedicated to your project and working on it full-time. No need to worry about losing valuable team members, and the IP, product and code belong to you from the start. Partner with us for a seamless and stress-free experience.

what makes us different

Why choose us

Authentic Partnership

At Rollout IT, we're committed to establishing a genuine partnership. We take the time to understand you and your company's unique needs, ensuring a seamless match with the perfect professional. Unlike large outsourcing firms with numerous clients, we stay small and focused, guaranteeing that your requirements are never overshadowed.


We aren't just an IT outsourcing agency; we're active in the IT sector with our own software development projects. This means we bring both technical expertise and a deep understanding of business to the table. We can assist you with technical and business assessments, providing you with well-rounded solutions.

Unbeatable Value

Our dedication to delivering value is unrivaled. We provide Western-level professionals at a fraction of the cost, ensuring you benefit from top-notch talent without the premium price tag.

Transparent Costing

With a Time and Materials (T&M) approach, you pay only for what you receive. Our pricing structure offers predictability and complete transparency.

Tailored Selection

Our professionals undergo a rigorous selection process to meet our high standards, and we're ready to adapt our process to align seamlessly with your selection criteria.

Genuine Seniority

Rest assured, we don't label mid-level developers as seniors. When you partner with us, you get precisely what you're looking for, ensuring that your project receives the senior-level expertise it deserves.

We get reviews!

What our Clients think

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Case Studies


Learning Management System for a VR platform

Labster is a Danish Education Technology startup. They are building a platform, that is hosting 3D science simulations to enhance university students’ learning outcomes. The platform allows engagement with the user through game-based elements that inspire them to explore science. We helped Labster to further expand the feature-set of their Learning Management System, build an easy to integrate solutions for universities which was a key for further expansion.


End-to-end digital health solutions

iXlayer is a health technology company that provides end-to-end digital health solutions. They leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to enable personalized healthcare experiences, streamline clinical workflows, and facilitate data-driven decision-making in healthcare settings.


Digital Banking System

Our partner is a new and unified bank that launched in 2023 by the merger of several large Hungarian bank branches. The aim of the emerging large bank is to be the most modern bank in Hungary, which will introduce flexible, internationally leading digital solutions.


Algorithmic Trading Platform​

Ticker Bell, an algorithmic trading platform, marks a significant milestone in the realm of trading technology. Addressing the complexities faced by novice traders in algorithm development and the lack of trustworthy educational resources, Ticker Bell stands out as a pioneering solution.

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