Revolutionizing Algorithmic Trading: Building a Trustworthy Educational Platform and Streamlining Algorithm Development

Developing trading algorithms is complex, and novice traders struggle to navigate existing solutions. Additionally, many publicly available trading tutorials lack trustworthiness. The goal is to create an algorithmic trading platform that simplifies the process for beginners and provides trustworthy educational materials.

The team focused on building an algorithmic trading platform where users can backtest their strategies using historical data before implementing them in live trading. A key feature is the ability to search historical data effectively. The first major release occurred on April 15, 2024, marking a significant milestone. The project has been running in production for six months.

The primary objectives include establishing a credible educational platform and simplifying the process of creating trading algorithms.

The project began in October after a month and a half of the product phase, during which designers and tech leads laid the groundwork. The roadmap, initially based on waterfall principles, was refined to accommodate the evolving needs of the project. Progress across all tracks aligns with the roadmap, with some technical challenges remaining, particularly concerning the engine.

Technical challenges include optimizing and accelerating the Python engine, with ongoing discussions among three colleagues exploring alternative approaches.

The team consists of a tech lead, project manager, devops expert, product designers (including one junior and one senior), frontend engineer, two full-stack engineers, and one Python engineer.

Tech Stack
The technology stack comprises AWS, Python, Node.js, and React.

Client Interaction
Regular demo sessions, feedback loops, weekly status updates, and review meetings ensure transparent communication on both technical and business matters, including design considerations. The atmosphere is positive and collaborative.

In conclusion, the development of Ticker Bell, an algorithmic trading platform, marks a significant milestone in the realm of trading technology. Addressing the complexities faced by novice traders in algorithm development and the lack of trustworthy educational resources, Ticker Bell stands out as a pioneering solution. By providing users with a user-friendly platform for backtesting trading algorithms, coupled with robust historical data search functionality, Ticker Bell simplifies the process of algorithm creation and deployment.

As Ticker Bell continues to evolve and grow, it promises to revolutionize algorithmic trading by empowering traders with reliable tools and resources, thereby shaping the future of the trading landscape.

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