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Reverse Auction Plugin

The DropIt project aimed to develop a Shopify auction plugin, introducing the innovative concept of a reverse auction. This unique approach initiated a product at a higher price, gradually decreasing it over a minute.


Mindmap solution

Relate Space is a canadian startup project, building a mindmap solution and bringing forward new way of working with information. Their key challenge was going full web, to become truly global and platform-independent.


Blockchain-based IaaS provider

StrongNode is a blockchain-based IaaS provider that offers cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions by leveraging idle computing power. Their platform provides a decentralized infrastructure, making it more reliable and scalable than traditional IaaS options.

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Our expert Rust developers are using the latest technologies and frameworks to create robust, high-performance solutions. Discover the possibilities below, where we highlight the technologies closely associated with Rust.

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We are so enthusiastic about this prospecting new language so that we also started to share our knowledge about Rust online.

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