We all know that launching an international career for an IT professional has an enormous possibility. It is hard to imagine how much potential is there in the global market for developers, engineers, and product designers, but we’ll tell you in our first-ever global meetup aimed to gather the key players of the industry in the CEE region. At our online roundtable discussion, Balázs Németh and Mihai Parlog will guide us to the path of building a global IT career.


Mihai Parlog: Mihai has been working as an engineer for about 12 years now mainly with Java and a lot of other tech stacks (e.g. NodeJS, Angular). He’s really passionate about complex projects because for the last couple of years he has gained sufficient experience to be able to make wise architectural decisions and design solutions from both a technology stack perspective but also infrastructure and he really enjoys providing end-to-end solutions.

Balazs Nemeth: Founder of Rollout IT, having 10+ years of experience in software development as senior web and mobile developer, experienced in React, Vue, NodeJS, ReactNative, but nowadays he is focusing more on the business side and team management rather than just doing actual development. He has been a tech lead in international projects for years, then became a CTO of an American agency before he founded his own. He worked multiple times in San Francisco onsite with startups and small-medium size businesses as a software developer consultant. He launched his own international project called Digital Nomad Hungary focusing on the digital nomads coming to the country.

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