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Balazs Nemeth

CEO of Rollout IT

Saviour of scaleups since 2015

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Since Rollout IT was founded in 2018, we have been constantly working with scaleups in two different setups:

  1. Extending their engineering team with senior engineers, automated or manual testers, senior product designers, agile couches, project managers, etc.
  2. Delivering a new feature, platform, or app project-based end-to-end starting with design, keeping up with implementation and execution, and completing the project with successful release and ongoing maintenance.


After eight years of valuable experience, we have collected all of our insights into this ebook, offering a comprehensive guide to help scaling companies minimize errors and achieve rapid, efficient growth. We hope you find this resource both enlightening and enjoyable as you embark on your journey towards scaling success.

Our scaleup

What you'll find in our ultimate Guide

In this ebook, We aim to shed light on the unique challenges and strategies essential for expanding development teams.  Dive deep into the agile development process tailored for burgeoning teams, where We emphasize the significance of a shared vision, adaptability, and perpetual learning. Plus, discover our insider tips on recruiting the crème de la crème of developers. Join us on this transformative journey to scaling success!

  • Personal experiences working with Scaleups since 2015.
  • Challenges faced during scaling, such as balancing funding, manpower, and priorities.
  • The importance of focusing on engineering values, company culture, and translating business needs to technology deliverables.
  • Overview of Rollout IT’s work with scaleups.
  • Challenges faced when scaling development teams.
  • Strategies to consider, such as leveraging outstaffing, ensuring flexibility, tapping into a talent pool, and boosting efficiency.
  • Success stories of startups that scaled effectively.
  • The challenges of applying agile methodologies to larger teams.
  • Importance of fostering a unified vision, ensuring flexibility, and streamlining processes.
  • Benefits of collaborating with an outstaffing company.
  • Recognizing that recruitment is about understanding developers’ aspirations and motivations.
  • Crafting compelling job descriptions.
  • Networking and engaging with the developer community.
  • Designing an effective interview process and fostering an attractive work environment.

What our Clients think

"This company makes great basics that are stylish and durable. As long as they keep up this type of quality, I’ll be a customer for life."


"Our coders highlighted the easy-going, effective nature of the Labster project management. AGILE ceremonies have been dynamic, with quick standups - Péter mentioned that of all the development processes he took part in so far, this one was definitely one of the best organized."


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We love
partnering up with scaleups

  • We love working on something new and extraordinary.
  • Less legacy, more cutting-edge tech solutions, and creativity involved.
  • Company culture is usually a great fit for our engineering team: we are hard workers who also love hanging out even remotely, working on a flexible schedule, and sharing fun activities. 
  • We love to participate in the mission of building something great together.
Balazs Nemeth

CEO of Rollout IT

Saviour of scaleups since 2015

About Us

Rollout IT is a digital product development company as well as an exclusive developers’ network. We partner up with companies to build something amazing we scale up your team with real seniors for short or long-term projects. We have software developers, project managers, QA testers and product designers available to start working with you now.