2023 has marked a year of innovation, commitment to education, and community involvement for Rollout IT, as we’ve navigated through the dynamic currents of the IT industry. We’ve truly enjoyed the whole of it with our clients and developers during process developments and figuring out effectual solutions for them, and ourselves. Let’s explore some of our key achievements and projects that have marked this year.

Innovative Technological Developments

At the forefront of our accomplishments this year was the development of an advanced fintech solution for Ticker Bell. This project, which led to the creation of the first alpha version of an automated stock market algorithm builder, is a testament to our expertise in fine-tuning technology to meet the complex demands of modern finance. Our in-house team, meticulously assembled, reflects our dedication to nurturing top-tier talent and fostering a culture of innovation.

Ticker bell is a partner of Rollout IT

Another notable achievement was our foray into the steel pipe trading industry — yes, that’s a heavy topic! Together with HUNGAROKOMPLEX Kft., we’ve successfully blended technology with traditional commerce, creating a cutting-edge sales platform that enables highly customizable industrial steel pipes to be found, selected, configured, and ordered with unprecedented efficiency. This solution exemplifies our skill in crafting tailored technology solutions that address specific industry challenges and is soon to be launched.

Versatility in Our Collaborative Projects with Industry Leaders SMP and ixlayer

Our project with SMP was a journey of technological synergy and strategic partnership. This collaboration involved working on an intricate series of Azure Cloud solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of one of the largest banks in Hungary. The project ranged from developing robust software infrastructure to integrating advanced data analytics and monitoring tools, all designed to streamline SMP’s business processes and enhance their operational efficiency.

SMP Solutions is a partner of Rollout IT

Another key aspect of our work with SMP was the development of a custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This system was designed to optimize SMP’s internal processes, from inventory management to customer relationship management, enabling a more cohesive and efficient workflow.

Our partnership with ixlayer (US) was equally groundbreaking, reflecting our capacity to innovate at the intersection of healthcare technology and service. With ixlayer, the focus was on developing a series of customer-facing applications (patient portal, doctor portal, and data dashboards) designed to enhance user experience and engagement. In addition to application development, our work with ixlayer also involved optimizing their existing website.

ixlayer is a Rollout IT partner

Both the SMP and ixlayer projects underscore the Rollout IT team’s adaptability in handling diverse IT challenges and our commitment to delivering high-quality technological solutions across various sectors. These partnerships have not only fortified our position as a versatile and capable IT service provider but also paved the way for future collaborations that push the boundaries of technological innovation and service excellence. As we move forward, these experiences continue to inspire and shape our approach, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of delivering impactful IT solutions.

If you’re interested in more, we also worked with MBH Bank, we summarized this collaboration here.

Revolutionizing E-Commerce with Dropit’s Innovative Auction Platform

In 2023, Rollout IT joined forces with Dropit, an e-commerce platform based in New Zealand, to bring an innovative reverse auction tool to life. Seamlessly integrated with Shopify, this collaboration aimed to redefine the online shopping experience. Together, we set a new standard in e-commerce, offering an engaging and innovative way for online shops to boost sales and for customers to enjoy a unique shopping experience. Rollout IT also included the wide knowledge base of AI, then significantly enhanced the platform’s functionality, ensuring dynamic pricing, user-friendly interfaces, and robust scalability. This partnership leveraged our expertise in e-commerce innovation and marked a significant leap in interactive and customer-centric retail solutions, showcasing Dropit’s potential to revolutionize the digital marketplace.

Dropit is a Rollout IT partner

OTP Fizz X Rollout IT: The Pathbreaking E-Commerce Expansion

We started an exciting phase as we joined hands with Monad Systems OTP Fizz, a leading-edge e-commerce initiative by the OTP Group. Fizz, described as “Hungary’s aspiring top webshop,” emerged as a new player in the e-commerce market, expanding this ‘beyond-banking’ ecosystem to encompass an even wider range of industries.

Rollout IT’s developer is constantly working on FIZZ project for OTP Group

This project represents OTP Group’s bold move into the online marketplace. Our collaboration focused on building a robust, continuously expanding webshop, underpinned by a user-friendly interface and a diverse product portfolio. In this project, we were tasked with not only creating a seamless shopping experience but also integrating advanced functionalities to set apart Fizz in the competitive digital market. As OTP Group aims for Fizz to become one of the best webshops in Hungary, our involvement was crucial in aligning the platform with this ambitious vision. After successful developmental testing, Fizz is soon to be set to be accessible to a wider audience, showcasing a new era of online shopping experience in Hungary.

Boosting Education through Initiatives and Community Engagement

Our programming school in Hungary achieved great progress in 2023. We served 75 students with a well-organized curriculum, teaching everything from basic programming to advanced computational concepts.
Balázs, our CEO of the Scientific Students’ Associations Conference at Óbuda University

We attended events like the Forbes Tech Summit to connect with other IT leaders and enhance partnerships. At these events, we not only had the opportunity to share our insights and achievements but also to absorb knowledge from other industry leaders.
Check out our point of view from the Forbes Tech Summit 2023 on LinkedIn!

Furthermore, these events provided us with networking opportunities that have been instrumental in forging new partnerships and collaborations. Our Junior Developer Beni won the Hackathon!

Strengthening Internal Operations and Team Growth

Internally, 2023 has been a year of significant development for Rollout IT. The establishment of our in-house development team and the automation of critical internal processes marked a new chapter in our operational efficiency. By refining our sales and marketing strategies with The PALM Group Marketing Agency, we’ve streamlined our workflows, allowing us to focus more effectively on innovation and service delivery.

Growth and expansion have been keywords for us in 2023.
We initiated 24 new projects, each requiring a unique blend of skills and expertise. To meet these demands, we welcomed 111 new developers into our fold. The expansion of our team has significantly enhanced our capabilities, enabling us to take on more ambitious projects and explore new technological frontiers.
And for the chill part: we have teambuilding days, and they are fun.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, Rollout IT is well-prepared to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, building on the strong foundation laid in 2023. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and client satisfaction is stronger than ever.

Connect with us and explore further opportunities for collaboration, discussion, and exploration of new ideas. Whether you’re looking for a technology partner, interested in joining our team, or simply wish to learn more about what we do, we are here to engage and connect.

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2023 has marked a year of innovation, commitment to education, and community involvement for Rollout IT, as we’ve navigated through the dynamic currents of the IT industry. We’ve truly enjoyed the whole of it with our clients and developers during process developments and figuring out effectual solutions for them, and ourselves. Let’s explore some of our key achievements and projects that have marked this year.
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