What is this all about

It’s simple: to leave the same updates (comments) across multiple related entities in your Monday. Basically for free forever (or as long as AWS Lablda is pretty much free on this low scale).

But why is that useful?

  1. Let’s say, whenever a developer posts an update on a ticket (e.g. starting with “Done -”), you would like this update to be copied to the ticket’s release version (another entity). When the developers edit it, the automation keeps it in sync, and when the Project Manager looks at a given version, it is very easy to see all the updates that happened on that given version.
  2. Or you have CopyWriters, Articles, and Clients on your Monday, and whenever you assign a given Article to a CopyWriter, you leave an update on the given Article, but it would be super useful to copy the same update on the CopyWriter as well as on the Client too. So whenever you open any of these, you see who got it and which article to write about.
  3. Or our case: we are using Monday to keep track of our staffing deals. We have Clients, Positions, and Professionals, and we create updates about our collaboration frequently. And we copy these updates across these entities highlighting the author and the source entity, but it is super awesome (and useful for reporting!) to see all the updates historically whenever we open up a Client profile.

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So, we created a Python script and set up Serverless Framework for an AWS Lambda function, aiming to boost efficiency and automation on Monday.com’s platform.

A leap into advanced integration

The challenge was to create a system that could seamlessly multiply updates across multiple boards on Monday.com. This task required a deep understanding and innovative use of Monday’s API and webhooks. Our solution, carefully documented and open-sourced on RolloutIT’s GitHub, showcases the team’s ability to navigate and harness the capabilities of cloud services like AWS Lambda, coupled with the versatility of Python programming, to automate and refine workflow processes on this project management platform.

At the heart of this project is an AWS Lambda Python Script improving the way updates are handled on Monday. By leveraging webhooks and the Monday’s GraphQL API, this script processes incoming webhook events to post updates across various items and boards, ensuring a seamless flow of information. The readme file highlights key features like webhook processing, challenge-response for verification, robust error handling, and detailed logging for optimal monitoring and debugging. These functionalities underscore the script’s ability to automate and refine the update process, making project management more efficient and responsive.

The technical grit and fine-tuning challenges

Delving into the technicalities, the project entailed processing incoming webhook events and leveraging the platform’s GraphQL API to post updates across various items and boards.

This automation aimed to

  1. reduce manual intervention,
  2. ensure that vital information is consistently synchronized across an organization’s Monday environment.
  3. handle the challenge responses for webhook verification,
  4. manage robust error handling,
  5. enable logging for efficient monitoring and debugging.

Fine-tuning the Monday system with custom solutions presented its set of challenges, primarily revolving around the seamless integration of external scripts with its ecosystem. The process required a keen understanding of Monday’s API, precise error handling, and ensuring the security and efficiency of the webhook interactions. Moreover, creating a user-friendly, reliable system that can operate within the versatile and dynamic environment of Monday demanded an innovative approach and thorough testing.

At Rollout IT, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of project management tools, and understanding the importance of our clients’ and our needs. By open-sourcing this project, Rollout IT has contributed to the community, offering a tool that enhances the functionality of Monday.com and paves the way for more efficient project management practices.

Are you facing similar challenges? Reach us out for a free consultation!

A visionary contribution

Rollout IT’s work on this project reflects our innovative approach to technology in the workplace.These developments to the Monday system highlight the potential for better project, task, and communication management by teams. For CEOs, developers, and managers seeking to elevate their project management game, Rollout IT’s innovative solution offers a glimpse into the future of seamless, automated workflows.

For those interested in the technical depth and potential of this integration, this project on GitHub offers a comprehensive look into the work done and the possibilities it unlocks for users of Monday.com. Rollout IT is at the forefront of creating tech solutions that meet current needs and adapt to future trends in team collaboration and project management.

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It’s simple: to leave the same updates (comments) across multiple related entities in your Monday. Basically for free forever (or as long as AWS Lablda is pretty much free on this low scale). But why is that useful?
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